FAQs | SmartSaver.ng Frequently Asked Questions

What is smartsaver.ng?
SmartSaver.ng is a Secured Smart Financial Technology service developed to enable Nigeria users to automate their savings on a recurring basis thereby provides them with an opportunity to smartly achieve their Savings Target or Investment and earn attractive Interest on their Savings or Investment. Learn more
How do I join?
You can join by simply clicking on the create account button on top menu of this page. or click here Register Now
How do i save on smartsaver.ng
To start saving on smartsaver.ng:
  • Set how much you want to save
  • Set how frequently you want to save
  • Set a savings target
  • Then add your debit card
How secure is smartsaver.ng?
We use the most modern and advance design architecture to protect you and your payment process from any form of attack. Your data is completely encrypted. Only you have access to what you give us.
How does SmartSaver.ng works?
To use SmartSaver.ng, you need to connect your checking account through provision of your debit card. We use 256-bit bank-level security, and we don't store your bank details. You have to set the frequency, amount and duration of your saving, while SmartSaver.ng saves for you small into your wallet. You can withdraw your savings for free at the end of every quarter.
Is Smartsaver.ng safe?
Yes. Smartsaver.ng uses state-of-the-art security measures. Your personal information is anonymized, encrypted and securely stored. All funds held in our partner bank which is insured by NDIC
Is my money NDIC insured?
The funds in your SmartSaver.ng Account are held at NDIC insured banks for your benefit. The funds are NDIC-insured on a “pass through” basis. This means that each individual user's balance is protected by NDIC insurance, up to the limits established by the NDIC.
SmartSaver.ng's security practices
At SmartSaver.ng, we're committed to securing your account and data. We use 256-bit encryption to protect the transmission of your data to our HTTPS SSL connection site. All Financial information is also encrypted and stored by our banking partner to PCIDSS Level 1 Compliant standard. Any sensitive information uses an asymmetric cryptography architecture to provide state of the art protection.
How does SmartSaver.ng make money?
SmartSaver.ng charges 5% of withdrawal amount if the withdrawal is outside the free withdrawal dates. Fund are also invested in our banking partner for the benefits of our users. Funds on Investment savings are also extended to savers who are in a financial needs
Does SmartSaver.ng cost anything?
SmartSaver.ng is completely free of charge when withdrawal is done within Free withdrawal dates.
What are Savings Interest?
When you save with SmartSaver.ng , SmartSaver.ng will automatically reward you with a 2% quarterly Savings interest. That’s 8% annualized interest.
Where is SmartSaver.ng currently available?
At this time, SmartSaver.ng supports all Nigerian banks and all debit cards in Nigeria.
Does SmartSaver.ng have an app?
No, we are working on an iPhone app and an Android app.
Does SmartSaver.ng work with banks located outside the Nigeria?
Unfortunately, SmartSaver.ng is in Nigeria only right now. We have hopes to expand internationally in the future.
Do I need a bank account to sign up?
Yes. You need a Nigeria debit card or a bank account to sign up.
How do I access my SmartSaver.ng savings?
You can withdraw your savings Free of charge on the withdrawal dates by a click on " withdraw savings" you can also access your savings 24/7/365 and as many times as you want per month but penalty charge of 5% of the amount will be charge.
What should I do with my SmartSaver.ng savings?
You can also move your savings to an Investment savings and earn ROI up to 30% on it. Some of our users have saved huge fund for emergencies, splurged on a trip, or paid down debt.
Does SmartSaver.ng supports Next of Kin?
SmartSaver.ng supports adding a secondary user to your account as a next of kin. This person will be able to use and interact with SmartSaver.ng in case of the primary users not available. However, they cannot log into the admin dashboard and make changes to the account.
What if your Investment Savings?
It is a high yield investment savings with SmartSaver.ng that guarantee interest payment up to 30%.
How can I save in Investment Savings?
To start Investment savings, you have to sign up, use Quick Save button to either fund manually through our bank account or through our payment gateway partner- Paystack.
Can I use my savings for an Investment Savings?
Yes, you can use your saving balance for our high yield investment savings
What is your minimum duration for Investment Savings?
The minimum duration for our investment savings is three (3) months
Can I stop or pause SmartSaver.ng's automatic savings?
Yes you can pause or stop your automatic savings with SmartSaver.ng
How long does it take to get money back into my checking account from SmartSaver.ng?
It takes maximum of 24hours to have your savings into your bank account excluding the public holidays
How Quick Save Works
With quick save, you would not need to start a smart savings plan. All you need is provide your credit card details and your wallet gets credited instantly.
Manual Bank Deposit or Fund later
Use fund later in your dashboard to get our bank account number. After making payment, and we have confirmed your payment, your wallet gets credited instantly.
When do i withdraw on smartsaver.ng
These are our withdrawal date:
Free Withdrawal Quarters Free Days
1st Free Withdrawal Quarter 03/31/2022
2nd Free Withdrawal Quarter 06/30/2022
3rd Free Withdrawal Quarter 09/30/2022
4th Free Withdrawal Quarter 12/31/2022
Have other questions?
We are always here to answer them. Please send us an email: Care@SmartSaver.ng

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