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Smart Saver Is Online

We are happy to announce to the general public that the much anticipated smart saver website is now online. You can now signup on smart saver and start savings. It is one of the simplest savings application available for you. We make everything relatively easy and the processes simple and convenient. If you experience any challenge in the cause of your patronage, please do not hesitate to contact us on We always appreciate your feedback and are always available to server you in a better way we can. Thank you and enjoy the smartest way to save.

28-Aug-2017 05:52 PM

How Our Loan System Works

After applying for a loan from Smart Saver Savings, what happens next?
Answer: After a successful loan application, a message is forwarded to your email for the required documents. On provision of these documents, a short period of loan review is considered. After the review, if the criteria as may be decided by meets the required standards, your loan is approved and the amount is deposited in the account provided at the registration. Please note that is not responsible for incorrect account details. You must ascertain that all the provided information are accurate and the you are responsible for any shortcoming thereafter. Please not that loan grants normally take 1 to 2 weeks,

10-Aug-2017 11:33 PM

Why Smart Saver Savings?

That's a fair question and we will try to answer it this way. Your security, your financial freedom, your basic human needs, your demand for excellence, your need to make a living, your social settings and interaction with others are all our concerns. We value your happiness. If this is not enough, We are determined to handle all your financial services at best we can. The quality of our service delivery is what elevates us above all in this business. We are just passionate about helping you grow individually.

10-Aug-2017 10:55 PM

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