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An Overview: is a Secured Smart Financial Technology service developed to enable Nigeria users to automate their savings on a recurring basis thereby provides them with an opportunity to smartly achieve their Savings Target or Investment and earn attractive Interest on their Savings or Investment. The Savings Target could be set on a daily, weekly or monthly basis thereby making their saving process Smarter, Faster and more convenient.

Our Mission

Our Mission is to create an innovative and emergent technology that foster saving culture, earning user's trust in the most friendly and professional manner possible.


Automated Savings

We created a platform that allows users to automate their savings which also will help them to curb the desire to spend. Creating an automatic transfer takes the worry – and the forgetfulness – out of making regular savings deposits. Automatic savings are the ultimate “set it and forget it” financial savings tool.

Earn Competitive Returns is the only automated online saving platform that encourages users to save and earn, save to invest in an investment savings that yields a very competitive return on investment up to 24% while our active savers continue to enjoy an interest up to 8%. The breaks earning barriers created by the traditional banks that refuse to pay depositors or savers in order to pay huge to the owners. Funds in our traditional banks yield interest not up to 3% per annum while at same time Inflation rate (CPI annual variation) of 2016 is 15.7%. The choice is YOURS!!.

Access to Loans

We offer this opportunity to our active savers to help them smooth out those everyday demands on their personal finances such as when they find themselves short of money. This is a great incentive to reward our savers to have access to additional money as they continue to save and enjoy a competitive rate of interest, enjoy peace of mind knowing that they can cover themselves when cash won’t.

Bank Level Security

We're committed to securing your account and data. We use 256-bit encryption to protect the transmission of your data to our HTTPS SSL connection site. All Financial information is also encrypted and stored by our banking partner to PCIDSS Level 1 Compliant standard. never stores your Bank information.

Safety of Funds

The funds in your Account are held and invested at NDIC insured banks for your benefit and processed through a PCIDSS Level 1 Compliant. Your personal information is anonymized, encrypted and securely stored.

Ability to do Manual Transfer or Deposit

We provided you this option to manually fund your wallet to boost your savings or for investment savings that yields high interest. This option could also be a quick save. provided a quick save option that allows users to fund their wallet at any time without much stress. Users can as well use the quick save to manually fund their account or through a payment processor.

Withdraw Anytime

Simply transfer money from your back into your Checking Account at any time. But to encourage saving culture, we recommended withdrawal at quarterly basis. How you use is totally up to you. Whether it’s your rainy day fund, Emergency Fund, vacation bonus or a stash of guilt-free cash, always remember you definitely earned it!.

Unlimited Transactions

Your money is always available when you need it. Enjoy unlimited deposits and withdrawals if it is done on Withdrawal dates.

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